Petr Rímský


About Petr

Original singer & songwriter, brilliant and unmistakable guitarist. Besides folk, also chanson and blues elements mingle in his music. In the second half of 80's, or in the golden age of the Porta festival with more than 30 thousands visitors, he stood out among the sonwriting elite of that time - especially with his songs "Blues o hvězdě" [Blues About A Star] and "Křídla a kopyta" [Wings And Hooves] (Porta author's prizes in 1986 and 1988), "A ještě radši se vracím" [And Even More I Love to Return], "Šašek" [Jester] and other songs. Petr's deep and captivating voice is unmistakable. Perhaps only the voice of his brother could cause a mistake - actor Pavel Rímský, who's known from movies dubbing, from the radio or the Vinohrady Theatre and other stages.

rimsky-z-80-letPetr Rímský is also a great and comprehensible theorist and guitar teacher, running a music school and special courses ( He has written following music books - "Akordy a jak na ně... 1440 kytarových akordů" [Chords, And How To Go About Them: 1440 Guitar Chords], "Na kytaru od začátku" [Playing Guitar From The Start], "Hudební nauka 1-3" [Music Theory 1-3], and "Ze života muzikantského" [Musician Life]. In 90's, he worked as a music publicist, editor and also publisher of the song magazine HITBOX. He has published also music textbooks, elaborate songbooks of songwriters K. Kryl, J. Nohavica, K. Plíhal, W. Daněk, J. Ledecký, and the band Fleret, four Evergreens songbooks, and about 1000 songs in the HITBOX magazine.

helfstyn-1993Petr was a producer of the FOLKY – NEFOLKY music festival, which took place in the castles Helfštýn and Boskovice for many years and which is being remembered up to now, and also of the First International Roma Festival and its three CDs.

Gallant to girls and women, eternal rebel against all knaves – especially the political ones, excellent driver and able computer technology user, imaginative cook, both tragedian and joker. He hasn't become reconciled with the state division, and he's convinced that - in addition to the whole federal parliament - the present president Klaus should be in jail for this. Petr Rímský was born in Kolín, today we could say in an international family – his father, stage director Pavel Rímský, was a Slovakian.